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Status: Pending
Court: District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw

Dear Sirs,

Pursuant to the Decision of the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 10th Commercial Division for Bankruptcy and Restructuring of 4 November 2016, a sanation proceeding was opened for EZO S.A. with its seat in Warsaw (hereinafter: the “Company”). Zimmerman Filipiak Restrukturyzacja S.A. was appointed the administrator in the proceeding. Piotr Pełczyński, District Court Judge holds the position of the judge-commissioner. The case was assigned the file No. X GRs 15/16.

As of the date on which the Court rendered the above decision, the Company lost its right to management of and the right to use the assets included in the sanation assets and to use and dispose of them. However, the opening of the sanation proceedings does not adversely affect the Company’s operations. As of 04 November 2016, the administrator will continue the Company’s business, perform contracts and enter into new contracts. Pursuant to Articles 230 and 313.1 of the Restructuring Law, within 30 days as of the opening of the sanation proceeding, the administrator will submit a record of claims and a restructuring scheme to the judge-commissioner.

At the same time, the Administrator points out that all claims for the period before 04 November 2016 (taking the statutory exclusions into consideration) will be satisfied under the terms and condition of the arrangement through a vote by the creditors on the arrangement in the sanation proceeding.

In any matters pertaining to the course of the restructuring proceeding, the administrator contacts the creditors via e-mail. Please send any correspondence to the following address: ezo@zfrsa.pl.