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Proceedings of LSA sp. z o.o.

Status: Pending
Court: District Court in Bialystok, 8th Commercial Division

Dear Sirs,

We inform you that, pursuant to the decision of the District Court in Bialystok, 5th Commercial Division of 12 April 2017 (case file No. VIII GR 5/17), an arrangement proceeding was opened for LSA sp. z o.o. with its seat in Bialystok (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). Zimmerman Filipiak Restrukturyzacja S.A. was appointed the court-appointed supervisor for the proceeding. Ewa Kurowska, District Court Judge holds the position of the judge-commissioner.

The opening of the restructuring proceeding does not adversely affect the operations of LSA sp. z o.o.

The Company conducts business activity, performs concluded contracts and may enter into new contracts, as it did before.

The fundamental change is about:

–      Protection of the Company against execution proceedings (a prohibition against initiating execution against LSA sp. z o.o.)

–    And the fact that any debts which originated before 12 April 2017 will be restructured in line with the principles set forth in the arrangement proposals (the arrangement proposals will be served on each creditor at the address of the creditor’s registered office/residence at a further stage of the proceeding).

The court-appointed supervisor supervises compliance with the law and the current operations of LSA sp. z o.o. Without the consent of the court-appointed supervisor, the Company may not perform any actions which go beyond the so-called ordinary management.

In any matters pertaining to the course of the restructuring proceeding, the supervisor contacts the creditors via e-mail. Please send any correspondence to the following address: lsa@zfrsa.pl


Decision on opening an arrangement proceeding