Business in a crisis

Weaker confidence in a company can result in the loss of funding, the collection of debts by the contracting parties, and, ultimately, the loss of customers.

We prepare and implement comprehensive solutions for businesses in a crisis, which operate under increased pressure of their business environment. Depending on the crisis situation, we select optimum tools: from development restructuring to court procedures provided for in the Restructuring Law.

As licensed restructuring advisers, we assume responsibility for due performance of restructuring schemes and efficient carrying the company through the court procedures.

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A restructuring scheme

preparation, implementation and supervision over implementation

We develop reorganisation schemes in the form of a document that will be the basis for the planned changes and a point of departure for entering into an agreement with the creditors. As licensed restructuring advisers, we assume responsibility for implementation of the scheme by holding the position of an administrator in the restructuring proceeding.

Negotiations and an agreement with creditors

including standstill agreements

We conduct negotiations with creditors for conclusion of arrangement agreements and out-of-court restructuring of liabilities. We negotiate standstill agreements which allow you to suspend maturity of claims, avoid debt collection and start talks on debt restructuring.

The role of supervisor and administrator

in restructuring proceedings

As licensed restructuring advisers, we can be appointed by management boards of troubled companies to conduct restructuring proceedings under court supervision. The experience and good reputation of our advisers make it easier to obtain the consent of the restructuring court, which depends on the support of at least 30% of creditors.

Interim Management

Interim management

We cooperate with highly qualified management personnel. Our managers hold the positions of chief restructuring officers (CRO) in the company. By introducing an interim manager, we perform planned reorganisation actions under crisis conditions.

PRE-RESTRUCTURING SERVICES Pre-restructuring analysis

and crisis diagnostics

We identify the reasons for the crisis, both external and internal. We analyse the efficiency of operations, the management capacity, the development strategies, the technologies used and the cost and pricing policies.

Dynamic process of working out an arrangement


  • This is an original program of preparation and implementation of restructuring solutions which helps find a common ground between creditors and businesses in a crisis.
  • It is based on workshop and practical approach to analysis and construction of solutions which help businesses regain their growth.
  • It helps you to make changes dynamically by involving specialists from both parties, who look for a solution to overcome the crisis, with participation of external consultants.
  • It uses tools and experience in preparing prototypes of restructuring scheme models, which help you to select the best solution quickly.
  • It ensures optimisation in legal terms from the very start of the process to enable a smooth proceeding before restructuring courts.

Consultancy and funding

Financial consultancy and assistance in obtaining new funds

We optimally use internal sources of funding in the business. We help you to acquire outside investors – financial institutions, investment funds and industry investors.

State Aid Package

Including the Private Creditor Test and Private Investor Test

We provide State Aid consultancy services, when actions aimed at forgiveness of debts owed to state institutions (e.g. debts related to taxes, liquidated damages or other debts) are undertaken. We conduct private creditor and investor tests used for proving that the behaviour of the State corresponds to the actions of the private entity.

Crisis communications

We implement PR standards in critical situations – we train contact employees, carry out crisis campaigns, including campaigns whose objective is to rebuilt the reputation of a company. We develop internal communications standards – we edit information materials, develop motivation and loyalty in employees and assist the management in public appearances. We operate complex processes of communications with creditors.

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