All of us can become creditors of an insolvent debtor. This applies to financial institutions, suppliers, customers, employees and public entities.
Practice shows that it is not easy to exercise all the rights, which you have in restructuring proceedings in theory. As licensed restructuring advisers, we try to protect the rights of all creditors, if possible and economically reasonable, by saving the partner from liquidation.
When restoring the health of our contracting party’s business, we try to collect receivables and gain profits from continued business cooperation.

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Submissions of applications

for opening a sanation proceeding (postępowanie sanacyjne) or applications for compulsory administration (zarząd przymusowy)

We advise you when to use advanced restructuring instruments, e.g. ones that deprive the debtor of its managerial powers, facilitate considerable job reduction and withdrawal from disadvantageous commercial contracts.

Protection of the rights and representation of creditors

in restructuring proceedings (Creditors’ Meeting, Creditors’ Committee)

We operate creditor voting and vote counting processes with participation of several hundred up to a few thousand entities. We analyse arrangement proposals with regard to financial benefits, feasibility, reasonableness of division of creditors into interest groups and any formal defects. We increase the influence of creditors on the proceeding by appointing Creditors' Committees.

Early contractor party insolvency detection systems


We deploy instruments which allow you to effectively detect deterioration of the economic and financial situation of your contracting parties. We check the effectiveness of the systems – whether they allow you to undertake corrective measures at early stages of a crisis.

Dynamic process of working out an arrangement


  • It ensures optimisation in legal terms from the very start of the process to enable a smooth proceeding before restructuring courts.

Pre-restructuring analysis

We analyse the legal and fiscal status, and the financial condition. We assess work effectiveness and organisational, and management aspects. We analyse the business environment, the industry and the sector of operation.

Economic assistance for restructuring decisions

We analyse and verify information on planned actions: funds, sources of funding, the criteria and methods of effectiveness and risk assessments (e.g. liquidation of a business), managerial capabilities, as well as the extent to which creditors’ claims have been satisfied.

Supervision and control

over the implementation of the arrangement and restructuring schemes

We supervise implementation of arrangements as a court-appointed supervisor. We monitor efficiency of reorganisation actions as attorneys for creditors. As licensed restructuring advisers, we can be appointed by management boards of troubled companies to conduct restructuring proceedings under court supervision. The experience and good reputation of our advisers make it easier to obtain the relevant consent of the restructuring court, which depends on the support of at least 30% of creditors.

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