Restructuring courts

The effectiveness of restructuring proceedings depends on many factors. These include early reaction of entrepreneurs to insolvency risks, efficient management of relations with creditors and effective supervision by restructuring courts.
However, the most important thing is to ensure that the highest professional standards are provided by restructuring advisers.
Zimmerman Filipiak Restrukturyzacja S.A. ensures reliability of reorganisation schemes which are developed in cooperation with the best economists. We take care of the funding for arrangements by using our extensive business contacts. We provide assistance of highly qualified management personnel.

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Experience in providing support for proceedings

with many creditors and a complicated legal situation

We skilfully identify creditor interest groups to propose favourable solutions to them to restructure their claims. We do not stop at partial forgiveness and division of payment of debt into instalments. We are flexible in tailoring arrangement proposals to the needs and expectations of creditors.

Existing legal instruments

Experience in using the existing legal instruments to enter into arrangements with creditors

We draw on the experience we acquired under the previous provisions on arrangement bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings, e.g. the institution of the preliminary creditors’ meeting and appointment of the Creditors' Committee which supports the judge-commissioner.

IT tools

which facilitate the operation of votes at Creditors' Meetings

The process of voting and counting votes poses a serious logistical challenge to creditors and, above all, to the Court. We offer support in the form of IT tools which automate and facilitate the vote counting process at Creditors' Meetings. It is especially important for big meetings, where a couple of hundreds up to a few thousand entities participate.

Cooperation with the best practitioners

in economic restructuring

We are aware that restructuring proceedings require not only thorough knowledge of the Restructuring Law, but also practical knowledge of economics, and professional experience. That is why we offer assistance of our team of specialists who have outstanding qualifications and interdisciplinary knowledge, which ensures that they will duly perform their functions in restructuring proceedings.

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